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Bright Moon Seaweed Group was approved as the Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Seaweed Fertilizers in January 2018.

The successful approval of the Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Seaweed Fertilizers, marks that the state pays high attention to the research and application of seaweed fertilizers, fully affirm and highly recognizes seaweed fertilizer research and development of Bright Moon Seaweed Group, which means important strategic significance to improve the overall level of scientific and technological innovation of agricultural industrialization, to lead the healthy and sustainable development of seaweed fertilizer industry, and to promote the development of modern green agriculture in China.

Mr.Zhang Guofang,Chairman of Bright Moon Seaweed Group,is appointed as Director of MAKL.This lab aims to further deepen the research and application of seaweed fertilizer extraction, processing,usage methods,application effect and its mechanism,to increase scientific and technological innovation of seaweed fertilizer,to shorten the period of R&D and transformation of new technologies, to improve effects on amending soil, increasing fertilizer and drug efficiency, enhancing the qualities, stress resistances and yields of crops by seaweed fertilizer, and to provide green, new-style of fertilizers for agriculture and natural, nutritious and healthy agricultural products for consumers. Meanwhile, it is in favor of promoting the realization of green prevention and control objectives of reducing chemical weight, reducing pesticides and increasing benefits proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Bright Moon seaweed group will also integrate internal and external resources, combine scientific research and application, support and serve the structural reform of the national agricultural supply side, improve the creation of new functional organic fertilizers, and establish the theory, method and technical system of reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticide application and increasing utilization rate; deepen the development of seaweed fertilizer products and efficient utilization mechanism to make research of analysis and detection methods and standard formulation for efficacy composition; promote the healthy and sustainable development of seaweed fertilizer industry; strengthen the integration and demonstration application of seaweed fertilizer technology, enhance the safety of agricultural product quality and agricultural ecological environment, and promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture.

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